create online survey, conduct online survey, create online questionnaire

create online survey, conduct online survey, create online questionnaire

Online Surveys. Fast, Flexible, Affordable.

QuestionStar™ is a development tool for any kind of customized online survey.

QuestionStar™ helps you launch and manage simple or complex online surveys in a quick, easy and cost-efficient manner.

Key advantages:

  • No programming knowledge required
  • Common question types and structures
  • Almost everything is customizable:
    • Use your own images
    • Make any adjustments to your layout
    • Use skip logic and filters
    • Randomize your questions and choices
    • Use custom variables
  • Export your results in Excel, SPSS and other analysis software
  • Evaluate results while conducting your survey
  • Web-based interface - no installation required
  • All browser support
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What is the best way to create a survey, without the necessary IT expertise? It's simple: with the help of our online survey software. Our program allows you to create one or more surveys quickly and evaluate collected data easily. The long-developed and constantly improved program is like a perfectly aged fine wine. It works wonderful and it's usability was so refined that your online poll can be created easily and on a high scientific level at the same time. Our questionnaire tool, made for your online market research or any other form of quantitative and qualitative studies is accessible from any computer connected to the internet. It is totally web-based, what allows you to simply create questionnaires without annoying installation. You can also access your data from any internet enabled gadget: from work, from home, from your mobile phone, together with your employees, and from anywhere in the world.

Try to create your survey free without any strings attached

Do not buy a pig in a poke! We guarantee the highest standard for studies that you conduct with us. Therefore, you can try our program for your individual, customized survey or more complex studies and test it 14 days absolutely free. In the test mode you will be able to download the collected data of the first 15 participants. However the data from all the participants is stored and you will get access to it when you decide to use one of our service plans. You may download and import your data to SPSS, Excel or any other program of your choice for future analysis. The important part of this is that you can import your data at any stage of your survey and update it at any time. This allows you to conduct individual assessments of your poll even if the collection of data is not finished and your survey is still running. Thus, modifying of your analysis is simpler and faster.

Professional surveys with QuestionStar

Using our survey tool, you can design and tailor your questionnaires for any purpose, e.g. employee survey. What is even more important: you can rotate questions and answers, deploy skip logic and use all kinds of open and semi-open scientific question types with different scales. This is how you make your survey successful. For your professional needs you can conduct and evaluate up to 40 surveys running simultaneously.

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