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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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If you want to easily create a professional online questionnaire the best way for you is to use our questionnaire software tool.With our professional program, you can very easily create and evaluate any questionnaire. Every survey has its own different goals.Therefore you need a program with which you can create all kinds of online questionnaires. We have developed such an online survey tool for you. It provides you with a set of questionnaires with different types of questions and design. It allows you to use all types of questions for your sophisticated study. Our software is standardized, yet highly individually customizable. While creating questionnaires you can use our software that allows you to easily make your study's appearance and content match your requirements. And the best part is: You do not need any software or programming knowledge. Our interface is designed in a way that allows you easily create online forms for your polls and evaluate them. This will of course be tailored by the means of different question types, filters, design and skip logic.

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You can rotate possible answers, as well as questions. You can easily define your own variables for your questionnaires, or choose any of predefined variables. With our tool your research and studies of any kind are only a few mouse clicks away. There are many advantages in creating questionnaires online. For example, all the collected for the analysis data is conveniently in the digital form. Therefore all the errors caused by manual data entry are eliminated. You also save time that you can use for other important things for your study. Furthermore at any time from any internet enabled computer you can retrieve your already collected data. Therefore our tool makes it possible to start initial evaluations even while your survey is still running.

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Since all our applications are web-based you don't need to install any additional software. You can easily create your questionnaire online. Our professional tool has much more features besides creating a questionnaire. Depending on the plan that you choose you can simultaneously create up to 40 online questionnaires and set them as your surveys. Also you can assign rights to enter data and alter questionnaires to a number of users, which depend on the plan of your choice.

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