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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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We have a perfect survey survey for creating your questionnaire. Each online survey pursues a different goal. Therefore we developed a software that allows you to create every online survey quickly and easily. And you do not need any programming skills for that. User-friendly interface of our program helps you create your individually customized survey and do this with minimal effort. In order to start your survey quickly and easily, we have common types of questions ready for you. With our software you are able to conduct an online market research on your own.

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We give you the possibility to test our program for 14 days absolutely free, so that you can create surveys and questionnaires, evaluate them and thereby explore the benefits of this professional marketing tool. Create your survey online, access your current collected data, evaluate and analyze your data even when your survey is in progress - these are only a few benefits that our software offers. Almost all the components for your individual questionnaire are customizable. It means you can use your own images, arbitraryly adjust the layout, use skip logic and filters, rotation of questions and responses, and define variables, so that your survey is conducted and analyzed in the easiest possible way.

Now easily create and evaluate your online survey

If you use our professional marketing tool to create an online survey, you can access your collected data anytime. It is always available for download in Excel, SPSS format or in any other format for common analysis software. Thus, the "Questionnaire Evaluation Phase" for your survey can expand over the entire survey period. All functions are accessible via a web interface. There is no need to install anything and therefore you have advantage of accessing your data from any PC. This brings a lot of comfort for your market research with it. Ability to create your survey online and to access it from wherever you are adds a lot of flexibility to your research. Simplicity of the web interface with the ability to preview yout own questionnaire helps you to conduct a successful online survey. All these without any programming knowledge cost-efficient and with a possibility of a free 14-day trial to create your online survey.

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