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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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Employee survey

Create your questionnaire for an employee survey online. It is very advantageous for you. You get all your data in the digital format. So you can approach the evaluation of your employee survey professionally. With our professional survey tool you have the possibility to create a questionnaire and analyze your survey simply and easily! You don't necessarily need the knowledge of IT. We developed a software that allows you to conduct your employee polls on a highly professional level. Our questionnaire tool is built in accordance with high scientific and online market research standards. That is why you get much more than a simple opinion survey.

What is the best way to create employee surveys?

As in any good research you can randomly rotate questions and answers in your employee survey, use various scales, insert predefined variables, as well as define variables themselves. Easy as pie. In addition, you can change the look and design of your questionnaire so that your online poll also corresponds to your corporate identity. Or just choose one of our design templates and simply add your logo or name. A decade of our experience and constant improvement of the survey tool has led to the point where our program meets all your needs. Functional, easy to use, individually customizable, following the logic of a scientific research and yet highly professional. With us, every employee survey is an absolute success. These can only come to the right conclusions only then, when you collect and analyze the data of your online employee survey in a professional and scientific manner.

Easy way to conduct an employee survey, evaluate and create a report

All data that you collect in your online employee survey is always available for you to download in any format for any usual analysis programs (SPSS, Excel, Access, etc.). You do not have to wait until the last employee has filled out its questionnaire before you can begin the evaluation. This brings a lot of flexibility. You can also use our software on many different devices without the need to install it. All you need is an Internet enabled device. You can, for example, simply access the data in your survey or create a new one using your cellphone. Try our program for 14 days absolutely free and test it's extensive functionality. Professionalism in your employee surveys - this is what your employees and customers expect from you!

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