Daten in Excel oder SPSS exportieren, oder direkt in eQuestionnaire auswerten

Data Export and Analysis

Ultimately, the goal of QuestionStar™ is to collect data using online surveys and to prepare it for a meaningful analysis.

The collected data is always at your disposal - no matter what stage your poll is currently at.

With one click, you can export the data into a CSV-file, which can be easily opened and evaluated by all common table processors (e.g. Microsoft Excel ®) or different analysis software (e.g. SPSS ®, SAS ®, STATA ®, Statistika ®, Mathlab ®, MathCAD ®, etc.).

If you would like to get a quick overview of the accomplished survey - use the internal pre-analytical function of QuestionStar™, which always shows the latest frequency report.

QuestionStar™ - Reliable Results

QuestionStar™ helps you get meaningful and reliable results.

  • With the pre-analysis function you obtain a detailed overview of the respondents' answers to each question. The absolute and relative values are presented in the table reports and can be printed immediately.

  • Export the data into an analysis software such as Microsoft Excel ® or SPSS ® with only one click.

  • Pre-analysis and export functions are accessible even while the survey in progress, allowing for continuous monitoring of the ongoing survey.

  • In addition to the respondents' input, QuestionStar™ records additional control information: when the respondent started the questionnaire, how long it took to complete the survey, percentage of questions answered, etc.