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QuestionStar™ 's completely web-based interface allows you to conduct your survey from any PC in the world with internet access. You simply need a browser to create and manage your surveys.

Since our well-designed user interface is structured like MS Office, you won't need to learn anything new.

Our intuitive interface and preview function is accessible at every step to make it easier for you to create your online survey.

QuestionStar™ - Ergonomic and Efficient

The navigation system of QuestionStar™ is similar to Windows ® common interface. All the controls, buttons and bars will be very familiar to you since you have encountered them many times in various Windows applications.

QuestionStar™ 's navigation bar contains "pages", question groups and questions. This design will help you keep all your questions at a glance and make it easy to review long questionnaires.

Create, move, copy, edit, delete ... - This is just a short list of actions that can be applied to your questionnaire. There are a wide range of functions to ensure the effectiveness of your work.

In the Structure View mode you will see your questionnaire in a tabular layout similar to MS Word ®. With the help of a print function you can simply print out the tables, or copy-paste them into your report.

You will eventually stop noticing that QuestionStar™ is a web application. You will find all your surveys quick, easy and flexible with QuestionStar™.

Objektebrowser von eQuestionnaire