Layout vom Online-Fragebogen anpassen

Layout and Images

The online survey not only collects data, but it is also used by organizations as a prominent component of their communication policies. Therefore, the layout of a questionnaire is of great importance.

With QuestionStar™ you can easily customize your questionnaires to reflect your corporate identity.

You can upload your images to clarify your questions and to make your surveys more appealing. You may also place your company's logo on the questionnaire.

Choose one of the templates from QuestionStar™, or create your own layout - with its design tools QuestionStar™ gives your creative ideas unlimited freedom (or can help you follow your corporate identity policies).

QuestionStar™ - Creative Freedom

QuestionStar™ has all the tools necessary to create a simple and creative design or adapt your questionnaires to your corporate style.

  • Change colors, fonts and sizes
  • Insert your images
  • Create HTML code
  • Create your own layout templates, or use existing templates

You determine the look of your questionnaire with a few mouse clicks!

... we also have a few templates ready for your use.

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