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Open or closed questions, simple or multiple choice, ranking or rating, dropdown or matrix ... You decide how to ask - with QuestionStar™ all questions are possible.

With the help of format verification of user input reduce the errors associated with negligent errors and increase the data's validity. The control sum feature helps respondents to get the right sum when answering constant sum questions.

Variables allow you to create a personalized design of surveys.

Filters and jumps help you lead your respondents through your questionnaire by condition related pathways.

QuestionStar™ - You Decide How You Ask

Open questions:

Eingabe: input line eingabe: input area
Input formats

Formats are used to validate the input of answers. The responses are automatically checked against a certain format, e.g. only an e-mail address, a number or a typical expression is accepted once a format is set.

Control Sum

Sometimes it is important for respondents to distribute a given sum between the items correctly and without the remainder (e.g. questions on budgeting). Control Sum shows respondents the remaining amount.


With variables you can personalize your questionnaire for each respondent. With the help of variables, it is possible to use your respondents' inputs throughout the survey. For example, their name, or the name of the business or where they have been a customer lately can be automatically inserted into subsequent questions.

Closed questions:

Dropdown-Frage Einfache Auswahl: vertical rating/ranking
Einfache Auswahl: rating/ranking Semantisches Differential: sematic differential Combo: combo
Einfache Auswahl (breites Layout): wide rating/ranking Multiple Auswahl: multiple choise

With filters and jumps respondents take different paths through your questionnaire. They only answer relevant questions.

Collect only the data you are really interested in. Lead respondents their individual way - do not burden your respondents with unnecessary questions. Create simple filter rules (e.g. if the answer is "yes" go to page 5).


Add your own images to your questions! With the QuestionStar™ image browser you can improve the look and clarity of your questionnaires.


If necessary, you can activate the Rotation option for selected groups of questions. This ensures that the questions alternate, thereby reducing the influence the order of the qestions may have. In some cases, it may have a very positive impact on the quality of the collected data.

Easy coding of variables

With QuestionStar™ you can code variables (i.e. stored values) easily. (For example, if the answer is "no", 0" is stored.)

Independence from respondent's browser

The questionnaires generated with QuestionStar ™ meet W3C-specifications and do not use Cookies or JavaScript. This means that the questionnaires will be correctly displayed and will remain fully functional in all browsers (regardless of the respondent's security settings).
All respondents can easily fill out your questionnaire.