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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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Online poll

The best way to conduct an online poll is by using our fast and professional online poll software.Every online poll has a different essence. We have developed an online poll tool that allows you to make your online polls as individual as possible. No IT skills are required from you as it is simple as pie to create your online poll. Depending on the goal of your poll, you can create questionnaires and evaluate them individually.With a few clicks through the interface of our online poll software, you can create your online poll, with necessary layouts, question types, jumps and filters, rotating alternative answers and questions and your own defined variables. Furthermore, the software especially suitable for online market research. All common types of questions and question constructions are supported by our software. With our online poll tool creating questionnaires is a no brainer for everyone.

Create an online poll and test it for two weeks free

During fourteen days you can use our program for free, you can create and evaluate your questionnaires. All data that you may get with our software in that period is available for you to use after the 14-day evaluation period as well. So you can be sure that your online survey will be just an absolute success.

Online poll: create and run up to 40 simultaneous questionnaires

Various packages that we offer allow you to find the optimal rate for your goals. How many online polls you can conduct simultaneously and how many users can potentially have access to them depends on the plan that you choose. With our program you can have up to 40 active polls in the same period. The best part is that you always have access to the data already collected by your running online poll. Through the interface you can download it as SPSS compatible file, Excel spreadsheet or one of many other formats suitable for your favorite analysis software. The tool is online-based and there is no need to install anything on your PC. It gives you another advantage. You can access your online polls from any PC connected to the internet. With this benefit you greatly increase the flexibility of your studies.

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