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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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It has never been easier to create your online questionnaire. With our highly professional online questionnaire software, you can without any previous experience in the IT field quickly conduct, evaluate and analyze polls on the internet without any help. Our company created an online survey tool that on the one hand allows you to create professional, individually customized questionnaires, and on the other hand is so unbelievably simple. Years of experience made our software mature like a fine wine. It gives you a high degree of usability. Starting with the visual appearance to the customizable design of the research layouts you have all the dimensions of freedom with our program . The sky is the limit in your graphic, however you can also simply use layouts from our online questionnaire template library.

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Assure yourself of the high quality of our product. Simply use your free trial to create your online questionnaire and test the features of our ingenious software for 14 days at no charge. You will have access to the data of the first 15 respondents. All other data is safely stored and you will gain access to it once you have chosen us as your reliable partner. Our survey tool is 100% Internet-based. With the help of any web browser you can easily access you online questionnaire from any internet enabled device. It allows you to be really flexible because you can access your research from home, from the office, using a mobile phone, from the computer of your colleague and from anywhere in the world. Moreover you can set up multiple users. This way your whole research team has access and you are able to perfectly coordinate your research. The survey data from your online questionnaire can be conveniently retrieved and downloaded at any time in the format compatible with your favorite analysis software (eg SPSS, Excel, Statistica etc.). You can start your initial assessments, even though your study is not finished yet.

Your first class online questionnaire software

You can create and evaluate more than one online questionnaire at the same time. Depending on your plan you can run up to 40 online questionnaires simultaneously. It makes panel studies so much easier. All imaginable kinds of question types and question constructions are already predefined. Rotation of questions and answers, logical leaps and jumps, skip logic and of course the place for your own variables were accounted in the development of this online questionnaire software. Opt for a flexible, professional and reliable product - the customers of your studies expect nothing less from you.

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