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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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Online survey

We offer you an ideal online survey tool with a lot of features for any kind of poll. Since every online survey carries a different goal, it is especially important that you can easily customize your online questionnaires individually. For this reason, we have developed an online survey tool that is flexible, individual and yet easy to use. Without any knowledge of programming you are able to easily create online surveys. Our software makes it possible. With a few clicks you can navigate through the interface and thus can create your online survey.

Try our online survey 14 days for free

Of course, we give you the opportunity to test your questionnaires with our professional online survey tool for 14 days free. All data collected during this period of the survey is available for you anytime. Online market research can be that easy. For this purpose our software has all common types of questions ready for your questionnaires and data collection. The best way to conduct your online poll is with us. Your user images, individually adjustable layouts, meaningful logical jumps and also filter, rotation of alternative answers and the questions and a user-defined variables help you to tailor every questionnaire individually to your goals. Creating online surveys, evaluating and analyzing them is easy as pie with our tool.

More than just creating online surveys

We offer you a variety of rates. Depending on your plan you can run and analyze up to 40 several online surveys simultaneously. With the marketing tool that we offer you have constant access to your collected data. Whether as Excel spreadsheet, SPSS table or in any format for other analysis software, you can always retrieve your data in real time. With our tool there is no "questionnaire evaluation phase," in the meaning of evluation only after the survey has been comleted. Just evaluate and analyze your online survey any time you like. You do not even have to install any program on your computer. There is one interface you can use for many functions. The big advantage is that you can access the data of your survey from any PC. This adds tremendous flexibility to your research.

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