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QuestionStar is a simple and flexible tool with which you can create surveys online and conduct them in a professional manner without any programming knowledge. Our innovative tool among other things for conducting opinion surveys sets new standards in quality and flexibility for applications for customizable online surveys. With increasing spread and importance of the Internet online surveys become a very attractive data collection technique as they are quick and cheap. The greatest advantages of e online polls including opinion surveys are the high speed, cost-efficiency, flexibility and high adaptability to the needs of the researcher. The survey period may be shortened considerably by using an online survey, as a large number of the target group respondents can be reached quickly by e-mail or a link and the response time of the respondents is shorter for online opinion surveys than for conventional surveys.

QuestionStar allows you to use these benefits in your personalized online surveys including opinion surveys without technological knowledge and without any programming skills. By passing all the technical tasks to the QuestionStar team you can focus on the key aspects of your research and the realization of the benefits of an online survey, for example, an opinion survey. Now it is possible to create and conduct online market research and opinion research, scientific studies, customer surveys and employee surveys, as well as panel surveys, quality measurement surveys, evaluations or feedback surveys and more. Thus the high quality and innovative instrument QuestionStar caters for market researchers and marketing departments, personnel managers and statisticians, sociologists and professors,as well as all professionals who want to quickly and easily get opinion of their respective target audience.

QuestionStar has been reviewed by scientists and has been put into practice by leading scientists and companies for different purposes including opinion surveys. Companies such as Xerox, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom or ThyssenKrupp used our online survey tool and recognized its advantages. Mainly it is a possibility with low costs but professionally to create questionnaires, e.g. opinion surveys, without a lot of technical effort.

The fully web-based Windows-alike user interface requires no installation. With the familiar interface QuestionStar is intuitively easy to use and thus gives great freedom of action. In addition, a preview of the questionnaire for your opinion survey is available any time during the editing process, which facilitates the process and significantly increases the effectiveness of your work. Also the import-feature for long lists in drop-down menus simplifies and shortens the preparation time of the opinion survey. After you have created the online survey your respondents can open it and complete the questionnaire anywhere in the world with any type and version of their web browser.

Through a flexible and adjustable design of the layouts your online opinion survey can be tailored to match your company's style or corporate identity. There are wide opportunities to individually customize questionnaires for your opinion survey. With QuestionStar you can create online opinion surveys in which the choice of question forms and types is as flexible as the individual design of the questionnaire. From open to closed questions, single or multiple selections, ratings or rankings, drop-down or matrix to numerical questions and constant sum control QuestionStar gives you every opportunity to have your opinion survey or any similar research survey answered by respondents.

With QuestionStar you can create and conduct online surveys of all types. The collected data is ready for a meaningful analysis of customer satisfaction or any other analysis. You can access your collected data at any time with just one mouse-click and can evaluate the results even before the surveys is completed.

Within the free trial period you can convince yourself how quickly, easily and effectively with QuestionStar you can carry out your customer satisfaction analysis or create, conduct and analyze a number of different online surveys. You risk nothing anyway.

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