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Easily and quickly create an online survey with QuestionStar™! In order to meet your needs completely, we broke down all plans into two different rate classes:

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Anyone can create a questionnaire online, quite simply. Without programming skills only with a help of our questionnaire tool you can create individually customized questionnaires on a high scientific level. All you need is any gadget or PC with access to the Internet. The user-friendly interface of our software gives you the opportunity to access your questionnaires from everywhere - your office, your employee's computer, from home, from any library or a coffee shop or even from your mobile phone. No installation is necessary. Everything runs online. This gives your survey the flexibility that is so important for a modern research.If you wish you can easily set up accounts and assign rights to access your research results to multiple users. This means you have the ability to coordinate several surveys, for example, for your online market research across different departments in your organization. Professionalism and flexibility are advantages that you can not afford to run your online questionnaire or a number of online questionnaires without.

Create and personalize your online questionnaire

The goals of each survey are always different. It is therefore important that you have a tool for your questionnaire, that is easy to operate and that gives you the possibility to comfortably customize your survey in accordance to your goals. With our tool you can control everything from the layout design to the smallest detail design of your questionnaires for any form of online polls. All major forms of question types and question constructions for scientific and online marketing research are predefined and ready for you to use. It is a piece of cake to make your questions and answers rotate randomly. Of course there is also enough space to define your own variables or to use predefined variables from our library. Skip logic (i.e. jumps and filters) is not a problem at all.

Do you want to create questionnaires for several surveys? No problem!

Our professional software makes it possible for you to create not only one questionnaire. You can conduct up to 40 surveys simultaneously, collect data and constantly have access to it. You can start to analyze your collected data part way through the survey, because we give you the opportunity to access it at any time. Your information is always ready to be downloaded in any format for all the common analysis programs (for example, SPSS, Excel, Access, etc.). This also guarantees a lot of flexibility for modern research. Rely on the experience and professionalism, for this is what your clients or students expect from you!

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