Es schnell wissen - Online-Umfragen mit eQuestionnaire


Online surveys are an attractive data collection method because they are quick and cost efficient. Technical implementation, however, usually requires very high programming skills and in-depth knowledge of technology.

QuestionStar™ takes care of the technical tasks and allows you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your research.

With QuestionStar™ you can benefit from all the advantages of online surveys.

Why QuestionStar™?

Why QuestionStar™?

Tested by academics and proven in practice QuestionStar™ offers the following advantages:

  • No expensive programming of the questionnaire required

  • Create professional questionnaires easily and efficiently
    • The web interface is easy to use
    • No installation required - access from anywhere in the world with any web browser
    • Preview of the questionnaire at any time
    • Layout templates
  • Improving data quality
    • Fully functional questionnaires in any browser regardless of OS and security settings
    • Automated data processing for conventional analysis software such as Excel or SPSS
    • Data overview during the survey is possible
    • Eliminate all errors connected with manual data collection
    • Rotate the order of questions and response options to avoid the order effect

    • Identification of respondents by individual IDs
    • Option to pause and resume the questionnaire
    • Prevention of multiple inputs by respondents
    • Password assignment: access to the questionnaire for only authorized respondents
  • High degree of customization and flexibility
    • Avatar set-up option
    • Customize the layout to the corporate identity
    • Filtering and skipping questions irrelevant to the respondent
    • Possibility to define user variables
    • Validation of respondent inputs
  • Reducing survey time
    • Easy invite of respondents via an email or a link
    • Shorter response time of the respondents
  • Possibility to create panels

  • Fast and secure servers
    The distributed server structure and multiple redundant connections to our servers provide the highest level of performance and security.