While the traditional brand name producers like Coca Cola, Adidas and BMW have, long ago, recognized the importance of management and brand-name recognition for the success of their business, companies in the service industry - particularly tour operators - have only recently begun looking at these aspects. Thereby customers' opinion first of all plays a decisive role.

I will be conducting a study to determine spontaneous customers' attitude in relation to a tourism brand as part of my thesis for the Department of Marketing at the Uni of Mycity. The answers should reflect your perceptions and expectations, regardless of whether you have already had experience with the brand or not.

I will be happy if you participate in this survey and thus support my work. For completing the questionnaire you will need about 15 minutes time. All data is anonymous and strictly confidential and is used only in the context of this study.

The survey will end on September 6.

Thank you for your help!

John Doe

* It is merely a sample text for a sample survey. 
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Have you traveled one or more times to your vacation destination by plane in recent years?