Main features at a glance

Over 30 question types with fine adjustments

Works flawlessly on desktops and mobile devices

Nearly WYSIWYG editor of questions without annoying additional forms

Rich Editor for all texts with insertion of tables, images and videos

Drag&Drop for moving survey elements

Automatic saving of changes without annoying clicks on “Save” or “Apply”

Undo-/Redo Functions in the Survey Editor

Audit trail?

Search function for question texts and answer alternatives?

Magic wand: library of common scale labels

Copy/Paste for web content?

Processing during data collection?
White-Label Surveys?

Embed logo

Flexible adaptation of layout designs with integrated instruments

Progress bar

Back button can be switched off

Source code of the layout can be edited in HTML/CSS
Direct link

Individual links for individual test persons

Embedding in your website

Integration with Social Media


Send invitations and reminders by e-mail directly from the tool

Contact lists with opt-in and opt-out functionality

Reports on the opening rate of invitation e-mails
Works flawlessly on desktops and mobile devices; responsive design

Open surveys?

Closed surveys?

Prevent multiple entries

Interrupt completion and continue later at the same point?
Export to common file formats: CSV, Excel, SPSS

All important types of diagrams

Export of tables and diagrams to MS Office applications in native format with possibility of
further processing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as in PDF

Statistical tests and methods with significance level indicator

  • t-test
  • cross tables
  • correlation
  • regression analysis

Text analysis: word-cloud, frequencies, list

Filtering and breakdowns for comparisons
Encrypted data connection (SSL/https)

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Possibility for separation of personal data?

Server location in Germany

Daily backups

Server load distribution
Conditional and unconditional jumps

Mandatory answers and soft reminders?

Randomization of response alternatives?
Hands-on management of survey projects

Organization of projects in folders


Widgets to visualize the current state of data collection


E-mail texts

Organizable in folders

Detailed List of Feature

Info text?

Easy selection?

Multiple selection?

Drop-down list

  • With the ability to import long lists from CSV, XLS and XLSX

Text box

Multiline text box

  • Counter of characters entered
  • Counter of characters remaining
  • Restriction of the number of minimum or maximum possible characters



  • Scale types: single selection, multiple selection, text fields, drop-down lists

side-by-side matrix?

Semantic differential
Rider (Slider)

Picture scale?


  • With the ability to import long lists from CSV, XLS and XLSX
  • Simple and multiple selection
  • With the possibility to enter your own answer alternative and add it to the list for later


User-defined HTML/CSS/JavaScript?
Exclusive alternatives?

Additional text box ” miscellaneous ” with adjustable placeholder

Visual highlighting of the alternative “no information”?

Mark as private data?

Import of longer lists from CSV, XLS or XLSX files?

Minimum and maximum number of selected alternatives allowed

Minimum and maximum permitted input value

Validation of answers?

Strict mandatory response?

“Soft” mandatory response?
Overview of the main features of the survey?

Descriptive statistics on answers to a specific question

Tables, graphs and diagrams


Inference statistics and multivariate methods of analysis with reporting of levels of
significance and other statistical characteristics

  • t test
  • correlation
  • cross tables
  • regression
  • Analysis of text data (word cloud)

Online publication of reports

Export to MS Office applications in native format with the possibility of further
processing in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as in PDF format

XLSX (Excel)