In this chapter you will learn

  • The Structure of the online help
  • About the four steps of a survey
  • An outline of the views of the tool
  • How to contact support
  • To request a features, give feedback


QUESTIONSTAR is a web service for online surveys with a wide range of applications.

This tool offers many functions for the creation, design and execution of online surveys of any kind or degree of complexity. In addition, it has instruments for the comprehensive analysis of the data collected and the creation of results reports, which can be immediately (re-)used in all Office applications in native form and edited as required.

The QUESTIONSTAR interface is clearly laid out and self-explanatory. Nevertheless, the wealth of functions and tools offered can lead to a need for explanation in the real working environment: What exactly does a certain function do? How can it be finely controlled? Where is the required setting located?

Our online help therefore serves to answer all the questions concerning the operation of QUESTIONSTAR and its functions.

Structure of the Online Help

The online help is divided into sections, with each section dedicated to a specific view in the tool.

Each section begins with an overview that briefly explains the view, its purpose, and the features it contains. To get an overview of the tool, we recommend that you browse through the overview articles for each view.

Other chapters in a section look at specific functions, features, and settings of the view, as well as their meaning, operation, and use in detail. Please refer to these sections if you need a deeper understanding of a particular function and its operation.

Depending on the screen resolution of the device from which you are viewing the help pages, the table of contents of the online help is located either on the left-hand side or at the top. Use the table of contents to navigate between different topics of the online help.

Four steps of a survey

A QUESTIONSTAR survey consists of four steps: (i) create a survey, (ii) customize its appearance (optional), (iii) send a survey, i.e. invite participants and collect data, and (iv) analyze and create reports.

A separate screen is dedicated to each of these steps in the QUESTIONSTAR interface. These views are briefly explained below.

Overview of the screens of the tool


After logging in to QUESTIONSTAR, you will be taken to the Dashboard view. This dashboard gives you an overview of your survey projects and their current status. You can also organize your projects into folders, create new surveys, start, stop and delete them. This view is also the starting point for all other activities you can do with your  surveys. More details about this screen can be found in the section “Organizing Survey

Survey Editor

In the survey editor, you define the content and essence of your questionnaire: Here you create your questions and answer alternatives, determine their properties and scale types, divide the questionnaire into pages and define the branching logic. You can discover how this works in the “Edit Survey” section.

The Layout-Editor

In this view, you customize the appearance of your questionnaire. You can choose from
ready-made layout templates or create your own layout and design it according to your
corporate identity or completely according to your ideas. At the same time you can
estimate how your questionnaire will look on desktops, tablets and smartphones. How this
works is described in the section “Customize appearance”.

Distribute Survey

This screen is the shipping center for your survey; it provides multiple ways for your survey to reach participants. Choose one or more ways to distribute the survey: anonymous or personal link, QR code, various social media – or use the built-in mailer to send survey invitations to your contact lists directly from the tool. Read more in the “Send Survey” section.

Reports and Analytics

In the “Reports and Analytics” screen, you analyze the data collected from your questionnaires and prepare the result reports. You can visualize the data using a variety of graphs, charts and tables, or perform various multivariate statistical analyses. The possibility to filter data is also available at this point. You can share the reports online with others, or export them to popular Office applications in native format. See the “Reports
and Analytics” section for details.

Contact Support

If your question is still not answered after viewing the online help, you are experiencing a problem with our tool or you think you have discovered an error, please contact our support – our support staff will be happy to assist you with any inquiry!

We always try to satisfy our customers and solve every problem as fast as possible. In 92 per cent of the cases we succeed within a maximum of one hour.

Request feature, give feedback

We develop our tool with the aim of being the world’s best tool for online surveys. We have not yet achieved this goal, so we are working even harder and crossing the boundaries of what is possible on a daily basis to help our customers to the fullest.

If you miss any feature in our tool, just let us know about it – we will implement it for you.

We are also always grateful for your feedback – be it suggestions for improvement, praise or evev sharp criticism. Tell us what you have in mind. Your honest opinion helps us a lot to make our tool better for you and many other customers.

Many thanks in advance!

Enjoy QUESTIONSTAR and good luck with your survey projects!